Are these the 3 most original bingo promotions ever?


There are now more than 300 bingo sites in the UK. This number rising at a rate of around 5 per month and the market is getting more full every day.

The fast growth is fuelled by the low start-up costs of bingo sites and the ease with which investors can join a network. Unfortunately the quality of the vast majority of these new bingo sites is pretty low, we see the same promotions time and time again and new sites generally bring very little to the market.

This really is a case of too much of a good thing and it leaves players searching for bingo sites that actually have a little bit of their own brand identity. Below we’ve listed some of the most exciting and original promotions we’ve ever seen offered by bingo sites. It is promotions like these that make a site special and unique.

Not all of the promotions listed would have cost the brand a fortune; sometimes a good promotion can simply involve using a little creativity.

Don’t you just wish that sites would launch promotions like these everyday

bingo promos

  1. Fiat 500 Giveaway – This is an excellent example of a more expensive bingo promotion, which was, ran by Posh Bingo. Here the prize was a Fiat 500 and players could be in with a chance of winning, simply by purchasing a £3 ticket for the ‘win a car game’. It’s not everyday that a prize like this is given away, so we had no second thoughts about featuring this on our list!
  2. 100 Car Giveaway – Not that there was anything wrong with promotion number 3, but Sun Bingo really went and excelled themselves as a celebration of having paid out £100 Million to lucky players. They gave away 100 Fiat 500’s! That car must be the bingo player’s choice or something!
  3. Big Brother Tickets – Tickets to go and watch the Big Brother contestants leave the house, this is a pretty exclusive prize that would appeal to those who are into that particular reality TV show. It’s not really a surprise that this prize was given away by ‘Big Brother Bingo’.

So there you have it, our top 3 bingo promos of all time!