Blackjack strategy in UK online casinos


Playing blackjack in UK online casinos, you should understand that your success depends not on your luck only, but on the blackjack strategy you implement during the game. Compare to slot machines where you cannot affect the final outcome of the spin in any way, here you have to make a choice. If you make a right choice, you win or lose less at least. If you don’t have enough skills and knowledge, then you will probably lose even with the most favourable cards dealt.

A player who masters the optimum blackjack strategy can decrease the house advantage down to 1% or even further. Unfortunately, most visitors of UK online casinos are not aware of such strategies. For example, many people are too afraid to exceed the total of 21 points and stand at the sum of 12 or more. They don’t want to get any more cards thinking that most cards in the deck have a value of 10, therefore, the risk is too high. However, such blackjack strategy is completely wrong and increases the advantage of casino up to 4%!

Blackjack strategy

Another wrong blackjack strategy is to copy a dealer’s behaviour. As far as you know, according to blackjack rules, a dealer is obliged to take a hit till the sum equals 16 points and must stand once the sum equals 17 or more. If you copy such a behaviour blindly, you lose numerous winning opportunities. For example, you do not use your chances to split the cards or double down ( that a dealer cannot do according to blackjack rules). Following this pattern you raise the casino advantage up to a disastrous record of 5.5% – this percentage is twice higher than even in roulette online!

Now, let’s talk about one effective blackjack strategy based on your hand. As far as you know, there are two kinds of hands in blackjack called soft and hard hands depending on the Ace card . If you have two cards with one ace among them that is not a natural blackjack, then you have a soft hand. For instance, if you have a three and an Ace, this is called a soft hand.

Soft hands require a special blackjack strategy because you can work your Aces differently. You can count an Ace as 11 points or as one point only. For example, you are dealt a nine and an ace. If you count the Ace as 11, then you have 20 points in total that is quite close to 21. Most blackjack experts would advise you to stand with these two cards. However, if you see an Ace in the hand of a dealer, you may need to get more risky and try to gather 21 points. If you take another card and it will be 2, then you stand at 21 points. However, if you draw a card of 3 or more, you will have to take more cards risking to bust.

Hard hand means that you don’t have an Ace among your cards. If you are dealt two cards with a total value of 19 ( ten and nine, for example), we would advise you to double down on this combination according to the optimum blackjack strategy. This means that you would double the initial wager to receive higher payout in case you win. However, if an open card of a dealer values 10, then we wouldn’t not advise you to double your wager as a dealer can easily have a blackjack or a total of 20 in his hand.

If you have a total of 15 on a hard hand, then we would advise you to take a hit. if your hand totals 17 or more, then you have a high chance of busting your hand, so you’d better base your choice on an open card of a dealer.