Check Out the Action with Bodog


Bodog is essentially the 800 pound gorilla of the marketplace — they are truly here to stay and if you’re serious about getting a good game in at Bodog, you need to check out this review.

You see, Bodog is all about the sportsbook action. If you aren’t trying to go an offline bookmaker, then you’ll find that the offering from Bodog is definitely in good reason. You need to make sure that you’re thinking about what you’re looking for.

Bodog can seem like it’s trying to spread itself a little too thin, but it definitely makes sense in the long run. Bodog wants to really give everyone a very friendly experience and make sure that they come back for a long time to come.

sportsbook action

Bodog has had its share of battles — legal issues and slow payout problems nearly made them go extinct, but they are now a force to be reckoned with. Players report consistently that support at Bodog just gets better and better each year, with outstanding issues handled with lightning speed.

In terms of promotions, Bodog has plenty — you will get a nice welcome bonus no matter what sports betting venue is more your speed. Football? Got you covered. Hockey? Got you covered. Horse racing? You’re still in good hands with Bodog.

You need to realize that Bodog isn’t for the super punter that needs to bet on everything. There’s not very many early lines at Bodog that you can look at, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth at least checking out. It’s all about the experience and keeping things fun.

At this time, Bodog is not accepting any US players, but that is always subject to change.

There are two main options in terms of depositing money — credit cards and direct bank transfer. This means that as your skills grow, you can keep your account fed with a steady stream of cash — or withdraw your sportsbook account as you wish.

When it comes time to place a bet, you have a lot of options at Bodog. You can use the Internet, hit up the phones, or even dial from your mobile phone. It’s really up to you. Since Bodog focuses on the casual player, you’re not going to have to worry about a page full of issues or problems. Everything is made to cater to the small time player that just needs a little extra hand getting things set up. Once you do the line picks a few times at Bodog, you’ll wonder why it felt so difficult in the first place.

Overall, we would totally recommend Bodog to the casual player that wants to really enjoy betting without getting too serious about it. Check them out today!