Common Bingo Games are true to their beliefs


Why not take a look at the big fat list of common bingo games? Online bingo is spreading like wild fire, and like so many other top online games, a whole branch of variants and new takes on the classic game are coming to light. It’s time you should have a look at some of the top bingo games at to see what is currently on offer in cyberspace. You will definitely find something that you want to play!

1. 75 Ball Bingo

You may or may not be familiar with this up and coming bingo game. This is the United States bingo game of choice, and is played in a 25 box grid. There is often a free space in the middle of the card, and players can win when they mark 5 numbers in a row, column or diagonally across the card.

Common Bingo Games

2. 80 Ball Bingo

This is one of the newer bingo games going about. 80 Ball bingo has kicked off in the UK, and is played in a 4×4 grid. Players win in this game, in a manner that is similar to the US 75 ball bingo game.

3. 90 Ball Bingo

This is the UK’s most popular format. 90 ball bingo is offered extensively in the online bingo world, and it involves 15 numbers scattered in a 3×5 grid. Prizes are awarded to players finishing a line (5 numbers), two lines (10 numbers) and a full house (all numbers marked).

4. Mini Bingo

Mini Bingo is a 30 ball bingo game which is really new, but this one is rapidly gaining popularity. This bingo game is played in a 3×3 grid, and is a rapid play variant.

5. Pattern Bingo

Pattern Bingo is a typical US game, which has gradually become popular at many online casinos on the net. This bingo game will see players win when they cross of numbers to make a pattern in the grid.

6. Coverall Bingo

Coverall Bingo is simple enough to grasp, here players simply need to mark all the numbers on their ticket to win. That really is, all there is to it!

7. Free Bingo

Okay it’s not exactly a bingo variant, but this brand of online bingo game has become hugely popular in the last few years, and players are certainly going to enjoy playing it; and it can be found everywhere!

So there’s the big fat list of common bingo games for you. Other games are becoming popular too, but for the moment, if you are playing one of these titles, you’re in pretty good hands!