Deciding Whether to Take Big or Small Risks at Poker


When you are playing poker, you will find that you have to make a lot of decisions with regards to how to play. If you have a hand with a A,K,Q of one suit and an A from another you will have a tough decision. You will have to decide whether to keep the pair and swap the rest of the hand hoping to get three or even four of a kind. However, getting a royal flush would be worth a lot more and guarantee a win, but it is a gamble.

This sort of decision can come down to odds. You may decide that odds are against you getting a royal flush and so keep the pair and hope for the best. You may decide you would rather go for the royal flush and perhaps bluff your opponents if you don’t get it and you could potentially still win the game.

poker risk
You decision may partly depend on your opponents. If they are easily fooled, then taking a risk might pay off. But if they are likely to see one of your bets and want you to reveal your cards, then you could be in trouble if you do not get the royal flush and have a hand worth nothing.

How risky you are is to do with your personality. You may be more likely to take risks in life anyway. If you are a risk taker then you are likely to take a risk on a high value hand, but someone who does not like risks would stick with the pair. It can be worth understanding how you are likely to behave because this will help you make better decision about how much money to gamble on games of poker.