I Love Bingo Players in Poker – Really!


Everyone has something about poker they don’t like. For most people – it has to be the bingo player. Oh, don’t act like you haven’t seen them. They go all in at the drop of a hat and usually only have 7-2 or A-garbage, trying to get lucky with the right flop. Sure, there are times where the 7-2 they’re holding lands them right on lucky player’s lane. But is that poker? I don’t think so. Still, there are ways to make bingo players super profitable.

You have to let them fizzle out. They are eventually going to run out of luck. They’re going to get eaten. How do I know this? Because I’ve eaten bingo players. They tend to make rash decisions. They tend to get themselves caught up in a game that they really can’t win. When you only rely on luck and leave skill on the table, you cannot expect to get very far.

All in

Keep in mind that poker is based on a ladder. As you get better, you’re going to want to move up to higher stakes. You’re going to want to play more poker, better poker. That’s just the way it is. You’re not going to want to just sit and play the same type of poker that you always played. That just wouldn’t make sense at all. You have to look at things from the proper perspective, and then move in with your own conclusions.

Poker is a game on your terms., If you allow yourself to get emotionally unbalanced from playing with the bingo players, then you’re just going to make life hard on you for your poker game. That’s not something that you want to sit and dwell on if you can help it. It’s better to always look at the positive side. Bingo players don’t last long. Somebody removes them from the table. Yes, they might take first place occasionally, but who cares? Every dog has its day, as the saying goes. You don’t get to just yell and scream every time you lose a few hands of poker anyway. Yes, there are players that get deep in their feelings and lock up. You don’t want to be one of those players. Oh, if you’re used to playing for virtual cash that has no value, then by all means — throw fits. Get mad. Act a fool.

But if you want to play with the big dogs and make real money? You need to start looking at things form a wholly different perspective than ever before. And that’s really what matters.

From here, everything else is completely up to you. Why not look at things differently? Play some more poker. Learn better strategy. Review your hands. If you don’t have software to do this for you, then you need to invest in that. After all, you’re playing to win money right? If you can win the cash from doing this, why not? I would earn all of my money from poker if I could honestly get away with it.

The choice is up to you. Bingo players are part of the poker world, just like fish. In fact, I would even say that bingo players are a subspecies of the poker fish. They aren’t as important as you’re giving them credit. They’re going to be everywhere. They even go against their own kind, so what makes you think that they’re going to go easy on you? Think about it, and then use your brain. That’s what it’s there for, after all.