Is Playing to Win a Healthy Attitude?


Gambling is more fun when you win. There is no doubt about that and no one can pretend that they do not enjoy this. However, if you get too obsessed by winning then you can get yourself in trouble.

The reason for this is that you may find that you want to win so much that you will not be able to stop until you do. If you do this, then you could risk spending far more money than you can afford and even when you do win, you may not win back everything that you have spent.

professional gamblers
Therefore, it is far better to have the attitude that you are playing because it is fun. You spend the money for the fun that the game gives you and then if you win it is a bonus. This means that you enjoy it all a lot more and do not take it too seriously.

There are people who are professional gamblers but they take massive risks. Most people play for fun and this is the way it should be and is intended to be. Those people that play to win all of the time because they have no other source of income or desperately need the money, do not enjoy it. In fact they are probably very stressed and find the games more like work rather than fun.

It is not necessarily unhealthy to play to win, but if you rely on winning for an income then this can start to become unhealthy. As soon as you start to find that playing is not fun for you any more, then it is a good idea to stop and do something else. Have a think about how much you are spending and why you are playing and make sure that when you play again, you are enjoying it.