Omaha Hi Lo Poker Hand Selection & Bluffing


Selecting Hands to Play in Omaha Hi Lo

Omaha is just like other poker games: it requires mastery of multiple skills in order to win consistently. I think a lot of folks will agree that hand selection is the most important secret to winning at Omaha hi lo though. Reading your opponents is a lot less important in Omaha hi lo, especially preflop. That’s because there are so many cards out at a full table that it’s almost always safe to assume that if someone could have a particular holding, then they do have that particular holding.

Bluffing in Omaha hi lo is a lot harder than it is in Texas holdem, for example. If you’re in a pot with two players in Texas holdem, you’re only trying to scare off two starting hand combinations. If you’re in a pot with two players in Omaha hi lo, then you’re trying to scare off a dozen starting hand combinations, each of which might be trying for a high hand OR a low hand. See the difference?

Omaha Hi Lo Poker

Getting an edge in Omaha hi lo boils down to playing better cards than your opponents most of the time. It’s been said that tight is right. That’s even more true in a card game where you’re dealing with more cards. (4 hole cards plus 5 community cards is 9 cards total.) It might seem counter-intuitive, but with more cards in play, you’ll want to play fewer hands and be more selective about the hands you play.

Starting hand selection will provide you with a much bigger advantage than other poker skills like bluffing in Omaha hi lo.

Being aware of position is a big deal in Omaha hi lo too. The later in the round you act, the more conclusions you can draw about your opponents’ hands.