Online Poker: Are You Giving Away Too Much?


With a wealth of different casino games available online nowadays, many people have tried things that previously could only have been played in Vegas. Due to this, and with a huge variety available, many players have found a game that they love, that they probably would never have tried in a time before online casinos. Playing these from the comfort of your own home can make for an excellent hobby, not only because it is fun, but because it can be profitable as well.

Many have discovered the exciting world of online poker, and, with almost endless money available to win, the temptation can be great. The good news is that many, many people do make a living from online poker, however, they did not get there on day one. Instead, strategies had to be learned, and mistakes had to be corrected.

If you are playing online poker and struggling to win, you may need to recognise and erase bad habits from your game. The comforting news is that you are most definitely not alone in making these mistakes, books would not be written on the subject if you were! Below are some common mistakes and how they can negatively affect your game, and profits.


Mistakes Made in Online Poker

Poker professionals will often talk of working out an opponent’s hand due to ‘tells’, however, in online poker, obviously, you will not be giving away physical tells. Instead, your play can sometimes enter into patterns, which can give away information.

– Instant auto checking: A convenience play, the auto-check/fold button can save you the effort if you have a hand you’re not keen on playing. However, players can recognise this and, if checked, know that any sort of raise will more than likely take the pot. Even if you do intend to get out of the hand, simply taking a second before checking can hide that. The opposite can also be said of auto-raising, often scaring off players who otherwise may have put more into the pot for you to win.

– Out of the ordinary betting: A key to keeping your opponents guessing is consistency. If, after playing tight all night, then going all in with pocket kings, good players will recognise an unusual bet and be suspicious. Knowing you have an extremely strong hand, they will get themselves out of there, costing you potential winnings.

– A long pause: You’ve seen it on TV, a pro is sitting on the best hand possible, but takes a minute or two of painful (fake) deliberation before raising and taking down the pot. This may seem dramatic and fun, but players often see through this and will recognise a big hand. Keeping a uniform time before raising, checking or folding will keep your opponents off your trail, and your profits growing.

These are just some of the bad habits that online poker players can get into. However, with some effort and discipline they are easily correctable, and can lead to much more profitable online poker play.