Paid in an Instant – That’s Pay By Mobile!


You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, ‘stick it on the plastic’, meaning to pay for something on a credit or debit card, but now thanks to new technology, it’s possible to make a deposit at certain online casinos using your mobile phone. Curious? Read on!

Why Should I Pay by Mobile?

One of the biggest advantages of pay by mobile is that it’s very secure. You’re not handing over any banking information to the casino, so in the unlikely event of there being an information breach such as a hacking attack at your casino, your financial data won’t be compromised.
When you make a deposit using pay by phone, the amount taken will be added to your phone bill. So rather than having lots of different transactions coming out of your bank account as you would if you used a credit/debit card, any deposits you make will be lumped together onto your phone bill. Some people may see this as advantageous due to it meaning you have fewer transactions on your bank statement to keep track of.

How Do I Make a Deposit by Mobile?

It couldn’t be easier to make a deposit using this method. All you need to do is enter the deposit amount you would like to the casino of your choice along with a mobile number. A code will be sent to this number for confirmation and all you need to do is enter the code on the casino’s website for verification purposes! It couldn’t be simpler, or more secure!

Does Every Casino Offer Pay by Mobile?

No, not every casino offers pay by mobile yet but the payment method is becoming more and more common. It’s truly one of the safest ways to make a deposit and it’s a great alternative to paying with your credit cards. If you’re looking for a casino with this facility take a look in the footer of the website, you’ll probably see the Pay By Phone logo (as below on Slot Games, or there’ll often be a link to a ‘Payment Methods’.

At a time when the majority of casino customers are playing via a mobile phone, it makes sense for casinos to embrace this payment option and going forward, it seems likely that all casinos will offer a pay by mobile option.

Presently, the only downside to pay by phone is that it has no ability to process withdrawals, i.e. it’s only possible to spend money on your phone bill, not to put it back on! One solution to this problem is to have a debit card or even a Paypal e-wallet which you can use as a place to withdraw your winnings.

Pay by Mobile is one of the most innovative payment solutions to arise through the industry in recent years and casinos have been very quick to integrate it with their sites. So there you have it, you can now ‘stick it on your phone bill!’.