Playing Caribbean Stud For Fun


Sometimes, too much of a good thing can in fact be a good thing. Stop and consider this for just a moment, particularly in regards to the recent boom which Texas Holdem has enjoyed worldwide. For an entire generation of kids who have only discovered the great game of poker over the course of the past decade or so, Holdem is the beginning and end of their appreciation for poker. The game is so utterly dominant that any other variant is destined to get swept under the rug. Therefore, the vast majority of the young poker players are operating in a world of ignorance – though, as we all know, such a state can be blissful.

You cannot blame these kids for failing to realize that poker is an umbrella category that covers an extraordinarily wide range of variations, many of which are extremely different from Texas Holdem. After all, what other game has gotten the kind of televised coverage that Holdem has enjoyed recently? Until the day comes (and I would not hold your breath) that some genius decides to switch the final table main event at the World Series of Poker from no-limit Holdem to say, 5-Card Draw, we can continue to expect that newer players will have a rather limited focus and understanding of the game at large.

Caribbean Stud

However, in light of this current monopoly, other trends of poker offer themselves up to be discovered by the truly adventurous player. In fact, as a general sense of burnout begins to set upon the minds of those who have been playing Holdem relentlessly for many years running, the idea of checking out a new variant becomes extremely attractive indeed. This is what I meant about too much of a good thing can actually being a good thing and I can think of no better example to illustrate my point than the game of Caribbean Stud.

It is true that there are many seasoned gamblers – both in cyberspace and on the casino circuit – who feel little more then contempt for Caribbean Stud, claiming it is not worthy of serious players. In general, this conclusion is reached due to the fact that there is no real bluffing involved in Caribbean stud. Therefore, what’s the point?

While I can at least partially understand this jaded viewpoint, it is not one which I myself endorse. Why? For the simple reason that Caribbean Stud is an extremely fun game to play, even though it may be somewhat less ruthless in its structure than Holdem or other popular variants. In fact, I feel this game perfectly captures the unique planetary region from which it draws its name. Sure, it is a bit more mellow than you may be used to in a poker match. But hey, life is short, so every once in a while it’s fun to just kick back, feel the tropical breeze on your skin and and play a game in which every single hand is not life or death. That’s how I view the great game of Caribbean Stud.