Pretty girl behind the wheel


Does sex matter when spinning a roulette wheel? That might sound like a ridiculous question, but many heavily experienced roulette players either swear by men or swear by women (to deal, that is). What could possibly be going on that would lead someone to the conclusion that not only are they different from each other, but that one is better than the other?

Let’s talk first about casinos that only use women dealers. It happens, I’ve seen it and I’ve heard about it. So there must be something the casinos feel gives them more of an advantage by having a female spinning the wheel than a male. It’s not prevalent, but you have to wonder what’s up when only ladies are handling the roulette wheel.

roulette wheel

Now the players that will only play with women do so for a couple reasons. The biggest one is they feel women get into more of a “groove” than male dealers, making their rolls more predictable, and thus susceptible to gambling systems. They believe part is this is a softer touch when spinning, and that a slower roll means, again, more predictability over multiple turns. Another reason, and definitely sexist, is they hope two female dealers will be working at the same time and start conversations with each other. They then put themselves on roulette “autopilot” and go through their motions, don’t break any rules, but are subconsciously going through the motions, another action players feel leads to more predictability. Sounds like a bit of a stretch, but players will swear on the consistency of a woman who exhibits this when the pit bosses aren’t around. I’ve never really experienced it, so I can’t speak to whether there’s much validity in their assertions.

Of course, to believe any of this matters in the first place, you have to believe that consistency itself is a reality at the roulette wheel. And I have trouble believing that when the slightest difference in pressure, force and spin when spinning the ball can alter where it falls, whether it’s a man or woman casting the ball has the least bit of an effect. Maybe I’m wrong, I certainly haven’t tried playing a month with all women or all men, so perhaps some research is in order. I’ll observe whether the ball even lands in the same area of the wheel. That’ll be the biggest thing – and something you can tangibly wager on if it’s apparent.