Top Slots Portal Will Focus More on Mobile Casinos in 2015


After recent debates on whether or not mobile casinos beat their online counterparts via desktop browsers for fun kept our office workers busy, we decided to look at one of the top slots portals for the answer. Slot Squad, which launched in 2014, is a casino review site that studies both avenues of the igaming infrastructure. It’s a team of marketers and games enthusiasts that want to help real money players get the best experience for their cash bets and wagers, whilst at the same time eliminating poor brands by non-exposure tactics. They find the best of both worlds, by directing the user to trusted casinos that work equally well via smartphones and tablets as they do on home computers.

Mobile Casinos

If anyone could help us with our debate, then surely it would be these guys. The information from Slot Squad was positive with their Chief Editor focusing more on mobile slots and games in 2015. The reasoning behind such a strategy uses both entertainments performance and bonus based analytics. Slotsquad’s mobile team is already looting the internet for viable smartphone and tablet casinos that are willing to do more than their competition. Playing roulette or slots on your iPad or using Android devices for real money casino bets has increased ten-fold over the past 12 months. All of this new activity brings with it the drive to build better games, the need to raise bonus values and resultant competition that churns out better services. It is something that is happening faster within the mobile igaming sector than it is in any other part of the gaming industry.

Slotsquad believes that 2015 is all about “being in the right place at the right time” as a real money player looking for mobile slots and games. The team at the Squad spend an average of 3 hours every single day testing, profiling and playing casinos optimised for tablet or smartphones, an increase from just 6 hours a week in 2014. It’s clear from the numbers that one of the best slots portals in the UK is now throwing everything they have at mobile gaming analysis and reviews. Whilst the argument continues as to whether or not online casinos played with a desktop computer beat betting on your iPhone or iPad, it seems the moment for finding out will soon be upon us. Click here to see some of the sites already impressing players and review teams at